Let’s get started!

Hello, and welcome to the journey to accountancy. This blog, along with our website (more on that later) is to be a learning aid, and inspiration, for those of us on the journey o becoming chartered accountants.

This blog  is dedicated to friends – and other friends we hope to pick-up along the way – who have just started their professional accounting examinations, and could do with the encouragement on their journey.

On the journey to becoming a chartered accountant, each prospective accountant is likely to be faced with difficulties: financial and other, learning to say ‘NO’ to people; learning discipline; re-structuring of priorities etc.

This however is no reason not to enjoy the journey, knowing that at each examination and result date that we have worked hard.

On your journey to accountancy, we hope to bring you useful study tips, advice, and inspirational stories from colleagues who have either completed their own journeys, or are further along on their own journey.

 A journey doesn’t seem so long when we are on the road with friends.


4 thoughts on “Let’s get started!

  1. Be sure to link everyone you know planning to write ACCA, with this resource site. I know the anchor personally, and can vouch for her authenticity, zest, and frankly, her heart! I believe it will be of immense help to scholars, at every stage of the course

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