Multiple Choice Questions – F1 to F3

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For most students, the questions in the ACCA exams are of 3 kinds:

  1. Those you know the answer to
  2. Those you aren’t too sure of/might know the answer, &
  3. Those you don’t know the answer to

As with any exam, adequate preparation is key to doing well. With adequate preparation and study, most of the questions in your ACCA introductory papers will be ‘those you know the answer to’ *(refer to paragraph above).

Now, conventional wisdom suggests that you allocate time per question. For example, the F1 – F3 is a 2 hour paper for 50 questions. That is 2.4 minutes per question.  I have even read somewhere that you time yourself on each question. Should you (perhaps) take a stopwatch into the exam?

To me, this isn’t always possible, and time is further wasted looking at a watch and timing oneself.  There would be some questions you find easier to answer than others, do not waste time on these (re-check, to confirm answer, but don’t get stuck in admiring your answer).

Read the questions thoroughly. Often times, reading a few words of the question can give the wrong impression of the requirement of the question, and then read all the answer choices – even if you get to the 1st or 2nd option, and feel that this is the right answer – if for anything going through them will reaffirm that you have the right answer

Now, in the case of questions ‘you might know the answer to’, and ‘those you don’t know the answer to’, here is a strategy that has worked for me, and many others:

Read the question carefully, and try to eliminate the obviously wrong answers. This leaves you with the likely most answer(s)

 Above all, Practice sample questions – go to the ACCA website, CIMA and others, and practice as many as possible. Reading wide never hurt anyone.

*ACCA article on MCQs


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