Hello all,

Now regarding the last post, I got several emails from students, asking ‘how to design a study plan’.

Please people, a study plan does help in organising your study time, but it is simply a timetable! I strongly advise against spending days/weeks on creating a perfect study plan, instead of actually studying for the exams.

The purpose of a study plan is to highlight the hours you have free for study, and create a routine you can stick with.


*Remember, a study plan is just a timetable which should help you establish a routine.

  1. Draw up a table, or use Excel spreadsheet, with columns for the hours of the day in which you are productive. This can be from when you wake, till you go to bed, or working hours (8am to 7pm). I feel I should stress here that the hours you use on your study plan should be your productive hours. Obviously, this differs depending on other commitments one may have; a student in a full-time job will have different hours to a full time student, or NYSC staff.
  2. Now you have your productive hours listed out, block out the hours when you have to work, or have other fixed and unchangeable commitments.
  3. Depending on your lifestyle, you may want to consider waking-up an hour or so earlier to do some quick studying. Serious study requires discipline to yield results
  4. Try to limit your study time to blocks of 2-3 hours. In my experience in teaching/tutoring for professional exams, and university students, I have found that for most people, an overly long study period is not as effective as shorter concentrated study time. I.e. the longer you study, the less you retain.

Among the people who emailed me concerning study plans was Bisi, who is doing her NYSC somewhere in Nigeria. After exchanging a couple of emails,we were able to draw up a study plan that suits her (see above). I hope this helps  the rest of you with yours.

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5 thoughts on “STUDY PLAN

  1. Thank you for taking the time to design a template for others. I would also appreciate if you can also advice on organizing the subject matters of studying and how you incorporate revisions into your study.

    For example, How do you study for F4 & F8? or how do you practice questions? after every study time or a day is dedicated to revisions? etc.

    Best regards

      1. Good day, am a graduate of accounting from university of Abuja and am awaiting NYSC for February batch. Have applied for acca and have been granted exemptions for f1- f4. I intend registering for 3 exams for June 2014 diet. Pls I want to know my best subject combinations. From f5-f9. Has I intend studying as early as possible. Thanks.

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