Happy holidays to all Muslims and also to the rest of us taking a break.

So, it’s the middle of October already, then comes November, and then exams in December. Today is for a bit of light relief, from all that studying for ACCA exams; so here goes:

“I re-took my F6 exam in Birmingham, UK – I needed to get away from home. On the morning of the exam, I decided to give myself a boost, by wearing make-up, and looking hot (some people – haters – say my definition of hot is too much lipstick, and enough eye-shadow for 4 women). Walking down the road to the exam centre, I knew I looked good & was ready for envious looks from other ACCA students. I got looks all right, but not the envious kind. More like ‘who invited the hooker to this solemn gathering’ Tugging down my skirt, I walked into the hall to look for my number. I reach into my bag for my exam docket, but it wasn’t there! I walk up to the head invigilator to explain my situation, and looking at me with pity, he said ‘it’s easy to forget your exam docket if your mind are on other things’. Clearly this man was envious of my bright pink lipstick and my hotness. 2 hours into the exam, I put my hand up to get the invigilator’s attention – the same one who was envious of my hotness. I told him I needed the toilet, and he asked me ‘are you sure? Surely you can hold it’, while the rest of the room snigger.”


In the spirit of the holidays, please send in your funny/interesting exam stories via the comments section.



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