ACCA may increase number of exam sittings

Around July last year, word of possible increase to the bi-yearly ACCA exam sitting spread round the ACCA student and professionals community.

I didn’t pay much notice to it (as this has been an issue ACCA students often lobby for), until a student group mentioned it, in a way that implied that the matter was pretty much concluded, and come 2014, ACCA would hold exams 4 times a year.

I emailed ACCA directly, asking them to confirm this, and what effect it would have on the syllabus.  They replied:

I can confirm that this is currently being assessed by the relevant department and once the decision has been finalised, students will be notified.

There are no plans to make any changes to the syllabus


On face value, it seems good plan – offering ACCA students 4 exam sittings per year doesn’t it? A chance at finishing the ACCA qualification much faster and more chances for re-sits right?

I fear that any increase to the current bi-yearly ACCA exam sittings may result in an increase in exam and/or annual subscription fees for ACCA students and members (the  funds for planning and logistics of running extra exams have to be paid for). Increase in the current ACCA exam sittings may also have an effect on the current 10 year period students have to complete the ACCA qualification (it seems logical to me that the 10 year period be reduced if students are offered more exams per year).

ACCA is yet to make a formal announcement concerning any increase to the current exam timetable, and how such extra sittings would be applied.


Please comment and tell us if you think having more exam sittings per year is a good thing.


 Happy new year!

Happy Birthday to Joy.


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One thought on “ACCA may increase number of exam sittings

  1. I think valid concerns have been aired and understandably so.
    Personally however, I think it is a welcome idea (increase in the number of sittings), as the motivation to commit a reasonably shorter period effectively in achieving the qualification, could become a driving factor for some students.

    Having said that, it is always going to be optional for student to choose what best suits them in light of their strengths and personal circumstances.

    On the issue of possible exploitation in terms of fees and other non financial grey areas, I will advise that stakeholders comprising of students and the accounting community in general, be vigilant and use platforms and the social media in voicing objections that may arise, just like exhibited in your write up.

    All in All, the initiative should be implemented, with a plan of evaluation in place in the early years of its existence.

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