STUDY BUDDY – To have or not to have?

The holidays are well and truly over, and if you are taking exams in June, now is the right time to get preparing.  Draw up a study plan, make other necessary preparations, and start studying effectively.

No man is an island, and having someone to study with can be part of effective studying, and for some, the encouragement needed to go through with professional (and other) exams.

A study buddy ideally is a fellow student taking the same exam(s) as you, and as such, you both can learn together, plan, and encourage each other. The study buddy partnership should be one that benefits all parties.

Choosing the perfect study buddy is a bit like considering marriage (ha ha! I exaggerate; I got you worried there didn’t I?). Friendship should not be the primary criteria for selecting a study buddy.  More often than not, really good friends do not make the best study buddies – over familiarity I guess.

In choosing a study buddy, it is important to critically consider what you require from such partnership. If you spend most of the time catching-up and discussing non-exam matters, you have a friend, and not a study buddy.  For your sake, you need to re-evaluate.

Although finding the perfect study buddy can be blessing towards preparing for your ACCA exams, it can get a bit complicated, and it is important to keep focus – eg, when one study partner progresses to another paper, it is counter-productive (to both of them) to continue.

From experience, I suggest that a study group should be made of up 2, but no more than 3 people. It is easier to partner in smaller groups, because different people learn at different paces, and it will be easier to accommodate the needs of fewer people.

Two people are better off than one; for they can help each other succeed…Three are even better…” (Ecclesiastes 4 vs 9-12. Nice touch yes?)

Would you like to find a study buddy? Please leave a comment to meet with students taking same ACCA exam paper(s) as you, and I’ll match you up.


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One thought on “STUDY BUDDY – To have or not to have?

  1. hello,

    I am studying F5 & F7 using open tuition and BPP study texts. I would like a study buddy for Skype as work full time and can only do evenings and weekends, is there anyone that you know may be able to study with me.


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