The Chartered Accountant – 1


The Chartered Accountant : Desola Adebayo ACA

Desola is a Corporate and Investment Banker on the Island, in Lagos Nigeria. Although she is younger than I am, she was my mentor and supervisor when I messed up my Performance Objectives, and had to do them again, in order to achieve ACCA membership status. I think this is worth mentioning because quite a number of us Nigerians are reluctant to go to people younger than us for help.

 It was a feeling of great accomplishment, when I got the results for my final papers in 2007, and also when I was inducted in 2008.

Although I didn’t fail any exams, for me the Financial Accounting and Audit papers were quite difficult. The important thing is to eventually get to the end; If you fail a paper, don’t give up, study again and pray harder.

Taking the exams  wasn’t all plain sailing – I had financial challenges; I got over that by saving money by studying by myself. I also had a good support system. My people were overwhelmingly supportive, emotionally, and financially.

I wish I knew back then that being chartered is not the end of the world, there is much more after that and you could start achieving a couple of these things while preparing for the exams. Personally, it was time consuming and kept me away from lots of fun activities I would have loved to partake in.

Being a chartered Accountant gives me a sense of self accomplishment, it is however not a major career boost in banking.



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