Reader’ Question No. 10: Funding your ACCA habit.


Q:  I always have problems paying for my exams. Not that I don’t have money persay, but I never have money when I need it for the exams, and this often affects my exam preparations.  I hope this was an issue for you.

A: Except for  those with access to unlimited funds, Most students will have to deal with money issues, when it come to paying for exams, and subscriptions.

While taking my exams, paying for exams and subscriptions all at once was hard, when I could not afford it, so I  sent cheques  whenever I  could to the ACCA.  The value of these cheques was always between £20 – £55, which was not much, but made  a difference at the end of the day.  That way, I didn’t have to worry about fees, because I had unallocated funds pending in my ACCA account.

I’m not sure what country the student asking the question is from, and I realise that not all students live in UK  and/or are able to send of cheques to ACCA.

An alternative to sending in cheques periodically is to have a dedicated savings account (if you do not have the will power to leave  funds allocated foe exams and subscriptions in your regular account). Let the savings accumulate, and then you can pay when you need to. If you decide to have a separate  bank account for savings, get one that issues a Master© or Visa© card, then you can pay directly through your ‘MyACCA’ page.  (For readers in Nigeria, I don’t need to go over the benefits of being able to do this yourself.  I have discussed it in a previous post).

Another thing I did, was to ask friends & family not to buy me presents for birthdays, but to send the cash to ACCA instead. This might not work for everyone, and it may not go down well with some people. I was blessed to have supportive people around me who supported me all through my exams, and who understood that it  mean more to me to have them give me a chance at taking my exams.

I would love to read comments on your opinion on taking money for exams instead of getting presents.  Do you think for you it is realistic?


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