The Chartered Accountant – 4


The Chartered Accountant: Ayodeji Martins ACA

Ayodeji is a consultant with Pedabo , in Lagos, Nigeria. He also teaches ACCA students at Tomashill Associates – a training school he founded in January 2014 with 2 other partners.

He studied Insurance at Lagos State University, and was so determined to be a chartered accountant; he registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) immediately after his O’Levels; He notably achieved chartered status whilst still (in his 3rd year) at university.

He enjoys football, PlayStation 4, and movies, and thinks the stereotype of accountants being tight-fisted and narrow-minded is simply not true.


Here’s my advice to aspiring accountants: dedication, hard work, and commitment are the only secrets to qualifying. Nothing else works.

Professional exams are not a competition – you are not in competition with anyone else. This was an important realisation for me, when I had to re-sit Taxation and Multi – disciplinary Case Study (ICAN).

Having the right support system is priceless – it helped my focus early in my exams and the area of knowledge sharing, especially in the area that I am weak. Helping me to set target of qualifying in record time was very valuable

I’ve always found exams as rewarding and interesting, so no, the ICAN exams were not personally challenging. I also had financial support (from my parents) all through writing my professional exams, as well as during my undergrad days.

With the benefit of hindsight, I wish I had pursued my passion earlier. I would also have networked differently. The power of networking cannot be over-emphasised in life and career. You don’t have to wait until you qualify before building a network.

Becoming chartered is a dream come true, and it has given me a head-start in my career because there is a certain prestige that comes with being a chartered accountant. It also aids performance at work because of the knowledge already acquired.




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5 thoughts on “The Chartered Accountant – 4

  1. I must congratulate u on ur success, its no easy feat. Please, I just recently got admission into Alvan ikoku college of education, owerri for a bsc (ed) in economics and wish to acquire ACCA too, how do I go about it? Which level will I start from? How do I go about the lectures here in owerri? And most importantly, what will be the total cost and how long will it take me?

    1. You may have to start from foundation, unless you currently have a qualification higher than the West African O’Levels (WAEC). To register, you can either contact ACCA’s Nigeria Office in Lagos, or register online, which I thing might be easier. The Lagos office may also be able to help with reputable training centres in Owerri.

      Please constantly check the ACCA website for details on costs. Again, the Lagos office can provide costs in Naira. Average time is 4 years

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