Tuition providers and you

The additional exam sessions  (first of which will be in September) introduced by ACCA means a busier year for students and tutors/tuition providers.

If you decide to opt for a tuition provider, do take the trouble to check them out before entrusting your hard earned money and fate to a tuition provider.  Although we hope that most tuition providers exists to assist students in passing exams, and not just purely as a money making venture; it is the student’s responsibility to  investigate.

Don’t trust blindly, or fall for glossy newspaper advertisements, ask questions. Check out previous records, ask current students if you can. You’ll be amazed at how readily the current students of a tuition centre are willing to answer questions if you explain that you are considering registering for classes.

Ask for the records of the lecturers themselves.  Also ask if you could possibly observe a class for free.  ( find out if you are comfortable with a large class size, or you would prefer smaller classes where the ratio of tutor to student is lower) . Do not automatically assume that a large student size means the tuition provider is good; it may mean the students are tied into a contract, and may forfeit any fees paid if they leave.

Last year, a student sent me an email  of advise from a tuition centre in Nigeria gone wrong. Now he may not be eligible to qualify as a chartered accountant.   A Television station in the UK also aired  a piece about international students being taken advantage of by a well known ACCA tuition provider.  Click here to watch, and here for comments on LinkedIn.

In summary, when choosing a tuition provider, think like an accountant; analyse your options,  and evaluate – based on your needs and requirements.




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