ACCA Registration: Counting the cost

Having made the decision to register or re-register with the ACCA,  do not start your registration on impulse. Before you begin your online application, ensure that:

  • you have all necessary documentation required to complete the application, and
  • You register as close as possible to the exam session you intend to sit for.

Registration takes about 6 weeks (see comments on this here). There is no need to register 1 year  before  entering for any exams. that is one year student subscription fees on ‘idle time’ as I like to call it.

this is applicable to new students as well as re-registering students. You would be required to pay outstanding subscription fees before you are allowed to register for any exams. registering earlier than necessary simply means more fees.



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4 thoughts on “ACCA Registration: Counting the cost

  1. Useful if you forsee money problems. I dont, and would rather focus on my exams, not worrying about pennies. Can you tell me if i’m allowed to retake an exam if I dont like the score I was awarded?

    PS: You were late with this post.

    1. V, its good to know that some students such as yourself don’t have to scrimp and save, and can focus solely on the exams, but some other readers do have to balance both.
      Retaking or resitting exams are only available to affiliates and members. As a student, you cannot write an exam you have already passed, in order to improve your marks.

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