Practical Experience Requirement

The 36 months practical experience is part of the Practical Experience Requirement (PER), where students are expected to gain supervised work experience.  Tobenna’s role as the Managing Director/Accountant of his own business does not strictly fulfill the criteria, as he has no supervisor (being the owner of the business).

ACCA has made allowances for students in various work situations, and Tobenna can actually make his role as the accountant count by having an external mentor, who can verify his work experience, and guide him through the PER process.  Contact ACCA, giving the details of his chosen mentor, and unique work situation, and the current role can be counted towards making up the 36 months of relevant experience.

For the Professional level papers, P1 – P3 are compulsory, while P4 – P7 are optional. Students at this level are expected to take P1 – P3, and then choose any 2 papers  P4 – P7.


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