Just Do it

I am planning to start  CIMA , I want to do it quickly, so  I’m planning on getting bulk of the cash and material ready before I start. I started  a job in January, with which I plan to save for 4 exams before I start. Can you give me advice on planning, because I really want to get it right

You use the word planning, but I think what you really mean is waiting.  It is possible to get too involved in planing, and not actually take the first step. Ideally, we all want a situation where the stars are aligned and everything is in order before starting a new thing. That may or may not happen. the important thing is to dig in.

Dear Reader, it seems to me you already have done all the planning you need for now. You have enough to register and take a few exams at the moment, and already have access to materials for the first level. Please take the plunge; don’t get stuck with planning. Each person has to work with what we have. don’t let fear stop you from doing what you really want to do.

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