Me & My Money – Part 1

So, back in December 2016, after a lively discussion at work about spending habits, I was goaded into going 4 months without making any personal purchases.  I was accused of making unnecessary purchases…

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Me: Unnecessary? I suppose you consider human hair & *aso-ebi as necessary?

Accuser: You spend quite a lot on eating, and buying silly things.

Me: I do not! I’m sure I don’t. I keep track of every single Naira I spend, and I’ve never lost any money!

Accuser: Coffee, cake, car wash products…

Me: I like shoes, and I haven’t even bought any in almost a year!

Accuser:You have several pairs of black shoes, and what about the pair you bought when we went to *Balogun? You buy the same things over and over.

Me: Flat shoes don’t count.

Me: OK, I’m not going to spend any money till April 2017


*The agreed exceptions were petrol, medication, household expenses, and any going out as a group, not more than once a month.

*Aso-ebi – fabric originally intended for family members & close friends during Nigerian ceremonies, but  more recently fashoin statement for weddings etc.

*Balogun – Balogun Market usually refers to the shops around several streets in Lagos Island central business district.


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