Me & My Money – Part 3 (Identifying Spending Patterns)

After the unnecessary purchase I wrote about in the previous article, I decided January was the time to really take stock of what already have, the purpose was to avoid unnecessary purchases I was accused of making here.  I discovered I had:

  • 27 pairs of contact lenses (7 clear, 20 coloured)
  • 5 bottles of 250ml Asda™ ‘All in one’ contact lens solution
  • 9 Antiperspirant/Deodorant roll-on
  • 14 new knickers/4 new bras/5 camisoles
  • 3 new black flat shoes/2 new black heels
  • 7  tubes of lip balm
  • 3 new pink/nude lipsticks, and 9 currently in use (all similar)
  • 5 pairs of false lashes (just in case I need to be on fleek)
  • 5 new brown eyebrow pencils
  • 10 packs of sanitary towels
  • 6 packs of xpressions™ (hair extensions for braids, always useful)
  • 3 black flats  currently in use (I’ve been wearing one pair for the past 2 months)
  • 6 black court shoes
  • 7 spectacles (I’ve been wearing 2 whenever I haven’t got my contact lenses in)
  • 3 green (various shades) chiffon blouses
  • 3 blue chiffon blouses
  • 9 white/off-white/cream chiffon and cotton shirts and blouses.
  • 3 new pairs of jeans/10 pairs  in use, (of which only 2 of them have been worn since October 2016).

How to save money in Nigeria,saving tips

I learnt something new about myself – I was so confident of saving large sums, and I did not realise I wasn’t counting the smaller sums  spent, which of course adds up.  I also did not realise I was a hoarder! I had never imagined myself as one.

I spoke to those close to me, and I learnt this had been the norm for me. Being responsible early on in my life for others, I guess I was afraid of not being able to providing, so  like a good squirrel,  I bought supplies whenever I could, making provisions for the rainy days I feared, which looking back, never really did come.













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