CountingonAccounting Accounting Student questions

Readers’ Questions -No.20

CountingonAccounting Accounting Student questionsI strongly believe anyone can do ACCA/ICAN, it just takes discipline and dedication. I know of a lady who did Microbiology for her B.Sc, and then went on to do ACCA.

Career-wise, deciding on a profession in my opinion is a personal choice based on preferences, aspirations etc. Becoming an executive is part qualifications, and part ability. What I mean is – the qualifications get you a job, but you ability you display at the job helps you rise.
By ‘big person’, in the Nigerian context, I think you mean wealthy. I understand that a number of Nigerian students choose university courses based on what is available to them (it happens in other places as well). Nigerian parents like their children to go for established professions so we can be ‘big persons’ in life.  My father does not understand why I don’t want to work in the  Oil & Gas industry, because to him, that is success.
Being a big person is all down to you – your dedication to excelling at what you do, and not just what you learn academically.  We all know of hardworking artistes who have little academic qualifications, and people with advanced degrees who just get by.

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