CountingonAccounting-Tunde Ayoola-Johnson

The Chartered Accountant – 6


 Tunde Ayoola Johnson ACCA

Tunde is a consultant in Lagos, Nigeria. He studied accountancy at university in Nigeria, and is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Being an ACCA member has provided him a platform to apply his skills globally. He had always wanted to be a chartered accountant and got interested in ACCA through their magazines.

Tunde was kind enough to do this interview, despite his busy schedule, and only having one conversation with me at an ACCA continued professional development event in Lagos, Nigeria.

I qualified as a chartered accountant in 2016, and it was fulfilling. It’s worth it; is my advice to aspiring accountants.

I failed ACCA paper P5. The ACCA professional level papers are more about application of knowledge, rather than the knowledge itself. With my current knowledge, I’d attempt each paper in the professional level differently.

It is really important, especially when you are married, to have a partner who understands and supports your goals.

There are general expectations of accountants which are partly right, because an accountant should be aware of relevant issues around the world; but partly wrong, because people expect us to have solutions to every financial issue.




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