ACCA student questions

Readers’ Questions

Accounting students/career questionsAlthough both ACCA and ICAN are accounting bodies, it is best not to think of comparing them in terms of ‘which is better‘ . I have previously answered a question on them here. ICAN is a national accounting body, while ACCA is global.

In my opinion, and experience from working in Nigeria, I think ACCA has a slight edge over ICAN, but work experience does count. For example – I got a call from a recruiter  to be interviewed for a job earlier this year; in a post-interview conversation with the recruiter, I learnt the job went to a candidate with ICAN, with 12 years post-qualification work experience; that I can’t currently beat.

You can never tell where you may end up working in the future, so please don’t make a decision based on where you currently are or what you perceive as limitations.

Regarding the Oxford Brookes global MBA, it’s  ACCA states that  “it is an academic qualification and should assist with further studies”. You should also check with the university you intend to do a PhD with as some universities do not accept online degrees.



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