How Do You Pay Your ACCA Fees?

ACCA is too expensive

A common thread with ACCA students is affording examination and subscription fees.  I wrote a post in Q1 2014 on how I paid for my professional exams, through periods when I was cash-strapped. The recommendations in that post still stands, and this is how I’m paying  my ACCA membership subscription for 2018.

Professional membership subscriptions are not included in my current employment contract, so I am making a number of part-payments to ACCA  towards my 2018 membership fees. I currently work in Nigeria,  and pay subscription  in NGN (Naira) – the part-payment option is available to all students and members, regardless of the country you are in.

To assuage the doubt from my Nigerian readers who may point out that I’m able to make part-payments because I lived in the UK and previously paid exam & subscription fees in GBP; I emailed my business relationship manager for ACCA Nigeria, and her response was “you can continuously credit your account till due date of next payment…always send proof of payment

Making gradual payments towards ACCA fees lightens the financial burden and may relieve the feeling of being overwhelmed when fees are due.


*Payments should be made through ‘MyACCA’ for online payments, or your national ACCA office.




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