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The Chartered Accountant – 6


 Tunde Ayoola Johnson ACCA

Tunde is a consultant in Lagos, Nigeria. He studied accountancy at university in Nigeria, and is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Being an ACCA member has provided him a platform to apply his skills globally. He had always wanted to be a chartered accountant and got interested in ACCA through their magazines. Continue reading “The Chartered Accountant – 6”


The Chartered Accountant – 5

Samuel is a Financial Accountant at a large hospitality company in Lagos, Nigeria, where he is involved in compiling and interpreting reports based on liquidity and profitability for various reporting units within the organisation. Although he wished he had chosen a different course for his undergraduate studies, he studied Accounting in University, and qualified as a chartered accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria … Continue reading The Chartered Accountant – 5

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The Chartered Accountant – 4


The Chartered Accountant: Ayodeji Martins ACA

Ayodeji is a consultant with Pedabo , in Lagos, Nigeria. He also teaches ACCA students at Tomashill Associates – a training school he founded in January 2014 with 2 other partners.

He studied Insurance at Lagos State University, and was so determined to be a chartered accountant; he registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) immediately after his O’Levels; He notably achieved chartered status whilst still (in his 3rd year) at university.

He enjoys football, PlayStation 4, and movies, and thinks the stereotype of accountants being tight-fisted and narrow-minded is simply not true. Continue reading “The Chartered Accountant – 4”

The Chartered Accountant – 3

The Chartered Accountant: Khairat Makanjuola

The Chartered Accountant : Khairat Makanjuola CPA, MBA

(We all must stand up in defense of women, against those who seek to steal the future of our sisters & daughters. #Bring Back Our Girls)

Khairat is an audit supervisor at Faw Casson & Co. LLP, in USA. She decided really early (while in junior secondary school) on a career in accounting, and started considering qualification exams in her 2nd year at Delaware State University. She also considered being a Pilot, but stuck with accounting because, in her own words “it would have cost an arm & a leg” . She has a Degree in accounting and a MBA from Delaware State University.
Although she only recently got introduced to me, I have known about her for a couple of years now, and I have been awed by her juggling motherhood, MBA, and CPA.
Like every other person, accountants have to deal with other commitments & duties outside of their qualifying exams. For me, Khairat is an example of how focus, determination & the right kind of support go a long way in achieving one’s goals.
Continue reading “The Chartered Accountant – 3”

The Chartered Accountant – 2


The Chartered Accountant : Tobi Labeodan ACCA

Tobi is a Finance Analyst in Coventry, UK – responsible for new product developments – Product cost analysis, project accounting, budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis, decision support, process improvement.

He studied accounting at university, and realized early on that as an accountant, he would have to be chartered at some point. So, after researching global qualifications in his final year at university, decided on ACCA because it is popular international qualification and he had a goal of holding a global qualification.

I’m not sure he remembers this, but he explained discounted cash flow technique to me, when I was taking my CAT exams. To my mind, he’s one of those when you think of an accountant, you think calm, ethical, and professional. Continue reading “The Chartered Accountant – 2”

The Chartered Accountant – 1


The Chartered Accountant : Desola Adebayo ACA

Desola is a Corporate and Investment Banker on the Island, in Lagos Nigeria. Although she is younger than I am, she was my mentor and supervisor when I messed up my Performance Objectives, and had to do them again, in order to achieve ACCA membership status. I think this is worth mentioning because quite a number of us Nigerians are reluctant to go to people younger than us for help. Continue reading “The Chartered Accountant – 1”