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Exemptions are to save students the bother of writing exams which they already qualify for. In granting exemptions, it is assumed that a student already possessed the knowledge of paper through previous qualifications/experience.  On that basis, studying for further exams should not present any major challenges because you build upon the knowledge from prior levels. I suggest you look through the papers you intend on … Continue reading Readers’ Questions

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Reader’ Question No. 10: Funding your ACCA habit.


Q:  I always have problems paying for my exams. Not that I don’t have money persay, but I never have money when I need it for the exams, and this often affects my exam preparations.  I hope this was an issue for you. Continue reading “Reader’ Question No. 10: Funding your ACCA habit.”

Failed your exams, now what?

Failing an exam is never a good thing. I know, I have failed a couple myself. When you get the results, and you haven’t made the mark, there is no way to convince you that it isn’t that bad. That feeling at the bottom of your stomach, and in your heart of the wasted time, effort, and money is proof enough that failing is terrible.

I received an email from a student who was really depressed about failing her exams (yet again!), she was particularly bitter because all her mates, with whom she started the exams have all moved on.

We take the same classes, study the same way, but yet I’m the only one who keeps failing...’ Continue reading “Failed your exams, now what?”

Job vs Full-time study

Hello Sam,

Thanks for reading the blog.

From your email, I get that you feel that because you have spent quite a bit of time completing F1-F6, you need to back to studying full-time to make up for this. Both of the options you gave (either lose the job and study here or go back to my Homeland and study in an regular institute)indicate this.

I’d like you to look at the larger picture, in terms of your job, finances, and your life in general. Is your current job an accounting role? If it is, then it can count towards your practical experience requirement (PER) & Performance Objectives, which is part of total ACCA qualification (please read the post on Completing the ACCA Qualification).

Continue reading “Job vs Full-time study”

We are going on air!

In my bid to help more aspiring accountants in passing their qualifying exams, countingonaccounting is going on air tomorrow (4th September 2013). So, if you want to ask questions about Accounting, Accounting exams, and how to get started, please join us on FUTA radio 93.1 FM, or online, from 12 – 2pm. Thanks for all the emails sent to; it is really nice to … Continue reading We are going on air!

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