Advanced level papers where questions are scenario based are to encourage students to think like accountants. that is to encourage realistic solutions, based on technical knowledge as covered in the syllabus, and from earlier (related) papers.

Passing the advanced Level papers, requires the student to apply theories sensibly to the scenario given. Do not be afraid to state your opinion or to give recommendations. After all, the exams are practice for the corporate world, where as an accountant, you may have to proffer solutions,make analysis based on scenarios.

In exams, there is the temptation to cram the answer sheets full of as much technical detail/definitions of theories etc as can be remembered, Continue reading “ADVANCED LEVEL PAPERS”

Exam Instructions Aren’t Suggestions

I overheard two blokes, discussing exam strategy, and one explained to the other, how he answers one or two more questions than required, to increase his chances of getting better marks. According to him, the examiner marks all questions answered, and awards him total marks, based on the questions he scored the highest marks in.

I don’t know what exams they were discussing, but they looked old enough to be taking any professional or qualifying exams. And no, I wasn’t eavesdropping, I just happen to have really good hearing…when I happen across interesting conversation. Continue reading “Exam Instructions Aren’t Suggestions”