How Do You Pay Your ACCA Fees?

ACCA is too expensive

A common thread with ACCA students is affording examination and subscription fees. Continue reading “How Do You Pay Your ACCA Fees?”


Me & My Money – Part 4

In the month of February, I didn’t make a single unnecessary purchase outside those agreed in Part 1 of this series. In a surprising turn of events, the very people who accused me of unnecessary spending, and those who I told about this experiment now claim I’m going overboard with  cutting down my expenses.  So far, in February, I’ve been told: “You are embarrassing me with … Continue reading Me & My Money – Part 4

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Me & My Money – Part 2

So following my conversation about spending (which you can read about here), I was feeling pretty confident I could do this, and I was fine up until December 26th, when I bought 3 eyebrow pencils for NGN 300 (the cheap ones). I already had 4 pencils, but in my defense, I didn’t remember when making the purchase.  I also bought a highlighter brush ( I have … Continue reading Me & My Money – Part 2

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