Readers’ Questions

The basis of your exemptions is that you will have gained the knowledge from papers F1 – F4 from your university degree, so a certain level of competency is expected when you achieve your Don’t spend your time worrying about papers F5 – F9 while still studying for your degree. The first step in any challenge is believing you are competent enough to try; it’s … Continue reading Readers’ Questions

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STUDY BUDDY – To have or not to have?

The holidays are well and truly over, and if you are taking exams in June, now is the right time to get preparing.  Draw up a study plan, make other necessary preparations, and start studying effectively.

No man is an island, and having someone to study with can be part of effective studying, and for some, the encouragement needed to go through with professional (and other) exams.

A study buddy ideally is a fellow student taking the same exam(s) as you, and as such, you both can learn together, plan, and encourage each other. The study buddy partnership should be one that benefits all parties. Continue reading “STUDY BUDDY – To have or not to have?”