Time allowed: 15 minutes



A  student who read the post on exam paper combinations, sent in an email asking about utilising  the 15 minute reading and planning time during the exams.

He, and a few of his friends had been told  that students are only allowed to read, and  highlight the question paper.  Continue reading “Time allowed: 15 minutes”


Question Prediction

from: masterthenewnet.com
from: masterthenewnet.com
The June exams are almost upon us, and from the emails I have been getting, quite a number of you are at various stages, and making progress at covering the syllabus for the different exams you are taking.
The subject of some of the emails I have received is  predicting questions for upcoming exams. They ask ‘what areas of the syllabus I think are likely to be examined‘ , ‘how likely it is to have a question on Discounted Cash flow for P4, ‘If big calculations on WACC  is likely in F9 this year

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