Why CoA?

CountingonAccounting is a high-quality education and career magazine for newly minted, and young accounting professionals, as well as students seeking excellence in work and life.

For too long (especially as Nigerians) we have put up with the mediocre; doing just enough work to get by and get the next pay cheque, living the


READ Counting on Accounting IF:

  • You are serious about self- improvement.
  • You are tired of being  average, wonder if you can be better.
  • You want to build your reputation as a quality person with great work ethics, and be known for turning out quality work.


  • You are happy with status quo – or don’t even want to bother checking up what status quo is, and if I’ve used it right              .
  • You are doing just OK  the way you currently work
  • You have no fear of being laid-off, because (read above) and no one else can do what you do the way you do it.
  • You have no time, or energy to spare for self- improvement.