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Readers’ Questions

CountingonAccounting Q&AYes I’ve passed all my ACCA exams. I used some BPP textbooks, but I largely focused on practicing past question papers. I didn’t pass Taxation (F6)  and Financial Management (F9) at first attempt, so I attended classes for those. I was able to pass  most of my exams through self-study. I learnt about OpenTuition towards the end of my ACCA exams and found them useful for my professional options papers (P4-P7).  I wouldn’t say it was difficult, but it took quite a bit of determination, and sacrifice.

In my experience, I think understanding  what works best for you is important to studying effectively.  You may find these articles on self-study and studying effectively useful.

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2 thoughts on “Readers’ Questions

    1. The links have been updated. In deciding on taking the exemptions, ask yourself; ‘do I understand the papers I am to get exemptions in?’ The easiest way to answer this question is to do a past question, and grade yourself. If you struggle with it, the exemptions may not be the best option for you.

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