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Exemptions are to save students the bother of writing exams which they already qualify for. In granting exemptions, it is assumed that a student already possessed the knowledge of paper through previous qualifications/experience.  On that basis, studying for further exams should not present any major challenges because you build upon the knowledge from prior levels. I suggest you look through the papers you intend on … Continue reading Readers’ Questions

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Tuition providers and you

The additional exam sessions  (first of which will be in September) introduced by ACCA means a busier year for students and tutors/tuition providers.

If you decide to opt for a tuition provider, do take the trouble to check them out before entrusting your hard earned money and fate to a tuition provider.  Although we hope that most tuition providers exists to assist students in passing exams, and not just purely as a money making venture; it is the student’s responsibility to  investigate. Continue reading “Tuition providers and you”

Quick Tip: Calculating Percentages

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