How Do You Pay Your ACCA Fees?

ACCA is too expensive

A common thread with ACCA students is affording examination and subscription fees. Continue reading “How Do You Pay Your ACCA Fees?”


Me & My Money – Part 4

In the month of February, I didn’t make a single unnecessary purchase outside those agreed in Part 1 of this series. In a surprising turn of events, the very people who accused me of unnecessary spending, and those who I told about this experiment now claim I’m going overboard with  cutting down my expenses.  So far, in February, I’ve been told: “You are embarrassing me with … Continue reading Me & My Money – Part 4

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Ethics in Nigeria

Ethics is  differentiating between right and wrong behaviour personally and professionally.  As  accountants, there is the expectation that we act objectively, with integrity, and competently. Ethics is increasingly  a significant part of most professional accountancy exams, but there seems to be a disconnect between theory and application in Nigeria. Vanguard newspaper  reported the 10 year jail-term judgement on the Chairman and Managing director of Ontario Oil … Continue reading Ethics in Nigeria

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